Here are some tips on building strong employee referral programs from around the web.

If you have your own favorites, please leave them in the comments and we’ll update the page periodically with the best of them.

  • “Following employee referral best practices can be a great asset for your company if it is being run efficiently and effectively.” – Harpaul Sambhi, Careerify
  • Our employee referral program encourages you to introduce your talented friends, family members, or former colleagues to career opportunities at Kaiser Permanente.”  – Kaiser Permanente Careers
  • “Consider some best practices from a pro in the field of advanced employee referral programs. Dr. John Sullivan takes the guess work out of creating an effective employee referral program by outlining some of the common characteristics of successful programs.” – Recruiterbox
  • Highlights from Dr. John Sullivan’s The Complete List of Employee Referral Program Best Practices” – Daniel Chait, The Greenhouse Blog
  • “Despite their hype and potential usefulness, many employee referral programs fail to attain their program goals: superior employee referrals.”  – Susan M. Heathfield,
  • Today, employee referrals are the most useful way of finding the best candidates for the job. Here is how valuable a referral truly is, courtesy of Jobvite.” – Laurence Hebberd, Undercover Recruiter
  • This infographic, compiled by social employee referral management platform Zao, shows you how to get started with an employee referral program in order to attract and keep great workers.” – Jörgen Sunderberg, Undercover Recruiter
  • An employee referral program can be a great way of getting new employees on board. But it is not without its drawbacks and potential pitfalls.” – ClearFit
  • Today, Meritage Talent Solutions released our 2014 Trends in Referral Programs report.  We uncovered that employers are tapping into their employees’ social networks and extending their employee referral programs to non-employees in order to compete for top talent.” – Meritage Talent Solutions
  • “An effective, high visibility, regularly evaluated employee referral program is not a mere source of resumes and inquiries. It is a promotional engine that brings interested, qualified candidates to your company via your current employees.” – Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association
  • “There are many benefits from a well designed and implemented employee referral program in addition to getting better employees.” – Barry Shamis – Selecting Winners
  • “An attractive employee referral program will encourage more employees to refer. Employee referral program should not only be attractive but also be effective.” – Suresh Amara, LinkedIn
  • “Every day the world needs more energy, and at Shell we have a clear strategy to tackle this challenge.” – Shell Global
  • Create a program built around multiple channels of recognizing employees, including incentives for quality referrals, as well as rewards for successful hires. [T]ake a look at three different ways to do this.” – Ziv Eliraz, SmartRecruiters

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